Online foreign exchange payment service.

Welcome to iPayFX. A revolutionary service that brings the power to make foreign currency payments right to your desktop. Here at Currencies Direct we have always prided ourselves in offering our clients superior customer service and outstanding products that help make foreign exchange simple and easy while still saving you money.

Find out more about how easy it is to use iPayFX and how it can help you manage your foreign currency payments by clicking on the options below. Or register now and get yourself or your business started in no time at all! Yes it is that easy!


It's so simple. Make a payment from anywhere with an Internet connection...

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  • Secure
  • Accessibility
  • Quick


Manage all your international beneficiaries information in one place...

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  • Easy to use
  • Built in validations
  • Set recurring payments


Need multiple different people to issue payments or just one user? No problem...

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  • Multiple users
  • Approval tiers
  • Manage changes


Making FX Payments is now as easy as buying anything else online! It's really easy...

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  • Multiple levels of security
  • Fast Checkout
  • Quick quote